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Ares Gaming Fraternity

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Ares Gaming Fraternity



Ares Gaming Fraternity is a men's club for male gamers ages 18 and up who are interested in serious highly competitive gameplay. We focus on military realism insofar as our rank structure, and following orders of Squad Leaders and Commander Players. Although we are not a "yes sir, no sir" environment we take following orders very seriously. We can be found on TeamSpeak at the following TeamSpeak 3 address: clanares.ts.nfoservers.com


Anyone who achieves the rank of E5 Sergeant or above is an admin on our servers.


Squad Servers:


Ares Gaming Fraternity (Pacific)

Ares - Training Command (Pacific) [PRIVATE]


Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/aresgamingfraternity


To appeal a ban please email us at aresgamingfraternity [AT] gmail [DOT] com. Please provide your Steam profile url or 64 bit ID.

To report players please email the the same address. Videos and screenshots will help us reach our final verdict. You can also visit us in our TeamSpeak 3 voice communication server and "poke" someone with a rank icon of E5 Sergeant or above.


Server Rules

The following rules apply on all our public Squad game servers.


Keep communications brief and to the point. Incessant mirophone or chat spam will result in a kick or ban.

All forms of cheating and glitching will result in a permanent ban.

Players are forbidden to attack an enemy’s main base. Try to stay 150 meters away from enemy main bases and do not fire into them.

All players must join a squad. Unassigned players will be kicked.

A squad must have a minimum of four players before being locked.

Squad Leaders may kick players from their squad for any reason.

Squad Leaders must have microphones.

Intentional teamkilling or wounding other player characters will result in a ban.

Immediately apologize in All Chat (default key [J]) if you accidently teamkill or injure another player character.

Do not share your team’s ticket count with the opposing team.

Racism is forbidden and will result in a permament ban.

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