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[MG] Monkey-Gamers Squadplay

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Servername: [MG] Monkey-Gamers Squadplay

Server location: Germany, Frankfurt - hosted by G-Portal

Server setup: 54 slots / mostly infantry focused maps



Website: http://www.monkey-gamers.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/mtEuS5y


About us: Founded back in Battlefield 2142 in 2007. Community focused on teamplay. Players are from Europe, main language is English.


Server rules:

  • Play fair and have fun
  • English only in server chat and no chatspam
  • English only in voice comms (if not mark squadname with the language being spoken)
  • No bad language / Disrespect / Name violation (Abusive or offensive names)
  • No Glitching / Hacking / Statspadding
  • No repeated teamkilling / No teamkilling for vehicles






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Nice to see you guys deploying here as well! Your BF4 server had the best public templay reputation ever, thus I'm really excitedthat you run a Squad server too now! Good Luck :)

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