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it's part of the Physics Material, IIRC. also i found the surface the PhysMats were put on had to have the Generate Overlap Events tick-box activated (either way - matters not which) to "refresh" the PhysMats on the surface, otherwise things like squibs and footfalls would not work.

- also, you have selected/set physical attributes for the mats and mesh, yes? - ie: "this surface is Dirt"


apart from using the same Mat from Mestia, you could maybe backtrack and locate the sound attached to the physics properties of the Mat - of course i just guessed all that and can't check it till after work at earliest.


anyone please correct me if i'm wrong :)



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I bielive it's in BP_Soldier.

I think I came across some functions inside, that raycasting the ground and returning its properties...


Let me start my SDK to double check...

Yep there is a "play footstep" function that do all the necessary logic...




If you want to add new material to existing library you don't have to change anything in blueprints.

No one doing games like this. Everything should be modular, so no one ever sets anything hard in the code. Well at least while there is a way to do it.


Look on physmats like a collection of different properties. Functionally they do not do anything, it's just a list. Around which you can build game logic depending on the functionality and game mechanics you're implement.


You can find them over there:



And here is a guide for you on how to create and edit them. 

Basically you can just duplicate an existing one and change it on your taste and then plug it in phys mat slot in your material. Easy as that.

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