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How to ask question in Hardware/Software

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Please know that the following is ESSENTIAL for the most of the question 

*Please specify the following 




Are you OCing? 

Have you verified the cache?

How long was it ago since you played Squad last time? - Long time? You need to do clean install...

How to do clean install  in courtesy of @beginna



  1. manually delete %localappdata%\Squad
  2. uninstall Squad via Steam
  3. manually delete remaining folders in Squad installation directory
    default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad
  4. install Squad via Steam
  5. reboot PC
files from older installations can cause issues.




Depends on the question

 Is your GPU AMD or Nvidia ?

Did you update any necessary driver updates?

Provide the screenshot of the crash log?

For reason why I am writing this since lately, I have seen so many people asking for help without specifying the basics.... No I am not pissed or anything, it's just as people who want to provide help, it's essential for us to reduce any unnecessary delays between people and get to the bottom of the problem FAST.

Thank you!

Would appreciate if someone could pin this or re-word the above as it needs to be.

P.S All of the info is 100% came from within the forum... Thank you to all smart Squaddies! 

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added additional info... Will be edited frequently at my convenience

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