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[NA] 3rd Ranger Battalion Squad Server

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Welcome To the 3rdRB Squad Server!


Our server is new, as of the 14th of November. It may have some hiccups! Stick with us.



  1. No Discrimination, Racism, Prejudice, Politics, or anything of the like.
  2. Join a Squad, we promote teamwork on our server.
  3. No trolling, griefing, teamkilling, or hindering your team in any way.
  4. No advertising other Servers/Clans.
  5. Mics are not required, but are preferred. If you have no mic, please communicate with chat.
  6. No Base killing, aka attacking uncappable bases.
  7. Be nice.


Server Information:

Our Forums, If you have any questions post there or this page.

Server Page.


Server Box Hardware:

  • CPU: Intel  i7-4790K - 4c/8t - 4GHz /4.4GHz
  • RAM: 32GB DDR3 1600 MHz
  • Storage: SoftRaid  2x480GB  SSD
  • Network: 250 Mbps bandwidth Download/Upload (Burst  1 Gbps) (Unlimited data)
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