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Free Weekend - Can FF be turned off?

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So looking at the no. of servers that were full over the weekend you gotta say that it was pretty much a success.  I for one met a lot of new players and for the most part really enjoyed introducing them to the game and hopefully convincing a good few to buy.  


One thing that is inevitable though is the team killing that goes on during these weekends, I think the server I play on we banned around 40 people or more for consistent TKs..  Whilst I appreciate why the free weekend is opened to all, it does rely on the good will of many server admins to police the game and remove those that are there to spoil the enjoyment.


A lot of the time I found myself defending squad saying that TKers in the non free weekends were very few and far between and we just have to be patient and let the admins take care of it, it obviously pissed a lot of new players off whilst the veteran players for the most part just didn't join servers ..


So after all that above...


Do servers have the ability to turn off FF and do you think this would discourage Free weekend kill joys if they cant TK or better to leave it on and catch the tkers and ban them?

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No matter what the game kicks at 7 TK's so I don't see the necessity really. Why change the game to cater to a bunch of people that were just here for the free stuff anyway?  So yeah, they're basically all gone now and the daily average of regular players will stabilize back at around 1200-1500.

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