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Looking for a scenario based squad clan/community. [EU]

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Hey there,


I`ll start by listing some information about me and then i`ll continue with what i`m looking for.


So :


Name: Mystline


Primary Language(s): Dutch, can speak English but preferably dutch.


Age (optional): 22


Timezone or Region: UTC +1


Gaming Background: Arma 2/3, BF2 and Project Reality,  COD UO and way more.



I`m currently looking for a squad community / clan that is mostly in to scenarios.
I understand that there is currently one that is quite big and active, how ever the timezone doesn't match, and everything start way to late to actually enjoy.

Now i`m looking for something using more of a EU timezone.

I`m not into "real" matches, i`m just looking for the one life per game type of scenario gameplay think of capturing a h.v.t and such.


I like squad as a game, but I love those kind of "events".


I hope somebody can help, and otherwise it's just back to casual gaming.

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