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Stack-Up For Veterans Day 2017

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Veterans are at the very heart of Squad: they're at the heart of both the team and the community. We simply wouldn't have Squad without our veterans. With that in mind, we're looking forward to another Veterans Day celebration in conjunction with Stack-Up.org.
On Saturday, November 11th, 2017, we'll be showing off some of the best Squad has to offer and what's changed since last year. You'll be able to get a glimpse of some of the hottest competition in Squad, chat with Offworld developers, and maybe even snag some prizes. Best of all, Stack-Up is a charity that's by gamers, for gamers. Ain't nothin' wrong with that! So join us on November 11 for the Stack-Up for Veterans Day. We're honored to be part of the action!
We'll be kicking things off at 10:00 AM PST and running until about 8:00 PM PST.
With the help of our amazing streaming partners, here are some of the highlights:
  • Community Clan Fight Night (CCFN) shows us what being part of the Squad community is all about: a damn good fight.
  • North American Squad (NAS) brings the Squad gold in hard-hitting combat action.
  • The ISKT all-stars have challenged OWI developers to field a squad -- Challenge accepted!
  • Squad Ops: Cinematic scenarios, intense firefights, and one life to live. Who could ask for more?
  • Squad developers answering YOUR questions.
  • Giveaways! We've got some hardware and some softer wares to share!


For our international squaddies that won't be able to tune in: be sure to submit your questions for the development team in advance! All you need to do is comment in the related thread with your questions about mapping, modding, Squad development, or Squad developers. Video will available after the event, so you can check out the answers at a more reasonable hour with a proper cuppa.
The Offworld Industries team will be pledging $10,000 USD to Stack-Up and we are aiming to match that in donations over the course of our charity campaign. You can, of course, also make a small donation via Squad merch. ($5 of every item purchased goes to support Stack-Up.) Be sure to order before December 15th to get your order in time for the holidays.




Squad Up!

In conjunction with the November 11th Stack-Up event, Squad will be running a Steam free weekend and 50% off sale from Thursday November 9th at 10 AM PST to Sunday November 13th at 1PM PST. This will be a great chance to finally pile all your friends into a BTR (or a BTR) of your choice and hit the battlefield. We are extremely excited for everyone to get a taste of all the improvements since last year!
Along with the free weekend, we're working with our hosting partners BluefangFragnetHostHavocGamerzhostPingPerfect, and Vilayer to ensure we are ready to rock for the influx of new squadmates.
Please help us in welcoming them and helping everyone get their boots on the ground.



Call to Arms

The Squad community is filled with veterans of all generations and we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to play our game with them on a regular basis. They've become the backbone of many of the best communities and clans and we greatly appreciate their passion for Squad. We have four of our own who have served in various roles for their respective militaries and it is the least we can do to show our commitment to them as developers and partners.
Our hope is that by becoming a fundamental pillar of Stack-up, Squad and its community can start to effect change on a larger scale and encourage others to do the same. Together we succeed!
On November 11th, we hope to see you at the charity drive to support Stack-Up and honor all those that dedicate their life to service.
Special thanks to our streaming partners that made this event possible. They include, but are not limited to CCFN, ISKT, NAS, Squad Ops, DesmoLocke, Haynick31, runningDuck, and everyone who's given their time and love to Squad. Stay safe out there, squaddies!

Offworld Out.

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Cool stuff! Hope I've got time to lead some noob squads and show them how great this game is!


Couple of questions about some features that have bene talked about but haven't heard about in a while:


Are tiered FOB's still on the table, where reaching a higher tier with your fob would unlock higher tier assets?

And I seem to remember something about a drawing tool for HESCO's/ sand bags?


Also, what are your thoughts right now about the medical system, are we going to see the mechanic where you could be in a wounded state which can be returned to normal by going to a FOB/ aid station?


Looking forward to the stream

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Don't worry OWI lads, I'll ask the ones you don't want to answer to get them out of the way.

Can you give like an honest evaluation, how has the past year gone, let's say post V8? More difficulties than you expected or are things trucking along sort of like planned internally? 

How much are you bothered by the seemingly big backlash from vocal community members every now and then when frustrations burst into public? Does one ever get used to getting shit thrown at their work no matter the quality of it? Follow up - Could you compare being a game dev to something like being  an athlete or a musician where your end product / done work is partly publicly visible and always analyzed to death by "experts"?


What's one thing about game development (not necessarily owi specific) that everyone should know or one that people always get wrong?

What are some of the most anticipated things you look forward to possibly making their way in from the modding community? Anything that's not worked on at all that's on your secret wishlists, factions, maps, game modes, features?

What's the biggest thing you've learned from observing other dev teams, whether it's cooperation with them or reading it on the news that made you go at the next meeting: "well we're definitely not doing that" or "company X made this work, we might be able to do so too"?

What's your (personal, not OWI) take on the current game development trend of lootboxes being featured in many major titles? There's no doubt about it being financially awesome and cost beneficial for the devs themselves, but it raises a lot of concerns of selling unfinished products or being a new form of pay2win and the box systems directing the way the rest of the game is developed. Any feelings one way or the other?

What's your beverage and/or snack of choice when chilling, be it gaming or otherwise?

Assault penguins when?

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Moving forward 6 months, where do you think the game will be at? 


Do you have any news about the upcoming major content patches (British faction, MBTs, helicopters, etc) that you could share with us? How's it coming along? Any unexpected difficulties? 

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Question: Are there any features you guys wanted to create but had to scrap due to being to ambitious or just not fitting how the game is turning out. Which one's were your favourites?

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 Bring back Veterans Day Skins !!!!

For everyone that played more then an hour and didn't get them last time in 8.9 ¬¬

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