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Trying to learn

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Hey all, 
I was a long time player of PR and have recently restarted playing squad. 

However rather than using it simply for the gaming experience (which I've always enjoyed), I'm also using it as a way to practice speaking Russian out of class. For the most part, the Russian players on their servers have been very welcoming and patient. Just from one Saturday of playing and (albeit, not extremely well) communicating with them I was able to pick up a decent amount. 

What I was wondering is, could any of you Russian speakers set me up with a list of useful military phrases and commands that will ease this learning process?


This is in English because I can better explain it this way. If it needs to be in Russian I'll see what I can do :P


Thanks guys. 


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Do you need phrases in Russian for playing on Russian servers? English transcription is needed?

How well do you know Russian?


For example:

- Возьми кит медика - Voz'mi kit medika - Take the kit of the medic

- Противник на мне - Protivnik na mne - The enemy is at my coordinates

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Hi, most of russian players use transliteration of original english Squad designations, like names of flags, certain kits and vehicles. One of the key elements of communication in Squad is accurate and quick intimation of directions and locations, so you need to learn numbers in russian to work with map grids and compass.

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Stuff along the lines of what Zaicheg was saying. Phrases that could be memorized.


So my level is I can make very basic conversation. I know numbers, and changing the cases based on prepositions, etc. I'm mostly lacking vocabulary, and if you can think of any useful phrases to learn/memorize, like Zaicheg said, I'd appreciate it greatly. 
ZiGreen, you mentioned that directions are used a lot, and I agree. I cannot tell you how many times I wish I knew how to say "He ran around the corner" or something like that! I'm still working on learning those prepositions haha. 

Thanks for the replies guys. 

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Перед - Pered (something) - in front of (something)

Перед домом - Pered domom - in front of house (building)

Передо мной - Peredo mnoy - in front of me


Вперед - Vperyod - forward

Назад - nazad - backwards


Справа - Sprava - right side

Слева - Sleva - left side

Слева от бэтра - Sleva ot batra - from the left side of APC (BTR, pronounced as batr)

Справа от холма - Sprava ot kholma - from the right side of the hill


За (чем-либо) - Za (something) - behind (sonething)

За углом - Za uglom - behind the corner

За стеной - Za stenoy/zaborom - behind the wall/fence

За окном - Za oknom - behind the window


В - v - in, inside, within

В доме - v dome - in the house


На - nah - on the (something)

На крыше - na kryshe - on the roof


Под (чем-либо) - Pot (something) - under (something)

Под деревом - Pot derevom - Under the tree


Копать - Kopat' - to dig (FOB, HMG, sandbags)

Зелень, зеленка - Zelen', zelyonka - crop field, bushes, any green stuff

Второй этаж - Vtoroy Etazh - Second floor

Первый этаж - Pervy Etazh - First floor, ground floor

Мост - Most - a bridge

Река - Rika - a river

Вода - voda - water

Дорога - daroga - a road

Перекресток - perekryostok - crossroads

Вход - Vkhod - entrance

Стрельба - strel'ba - shooting

Огонь - ogon' - fire (both shooting/command to shoot and flame)

Кишлак, деревня - kishlak, direvnya - village

Двор - dvor - courtyard


Поднять - podnyat - to lift up (i.e. to reanimate an incapacitated player)

Подствольник - podstvol'nik - underbarrel grenade launcher

Пулемет - pulemyot - a machinegun

Грузовик - gruzovik - a truck

Миномет - minomyot - a mortar

Дым, дымы - dym, dymy - smoke, smokescreen

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Slang and few regular words


Труба - Truba - Rocket-propelled grenade launcher
Трубач - Trubach - Light Anti Tank
Мотолыга - Motolyga - MT-LB
Сопля - Soplya - Supply truck
Фоба - Foba - FOB
Ралик - Ralik - Rally point
Бичи - Bichi - Insurgents
Синяк - Sinyak - Player from other squad (blue nickname) or without tag

Сквадной - Skvadnoy - Squad Leader

Гивапаться - Givapat'sya - Press button "Give Up"

Триггер - Trigger - Area of Flag

Пиндосы - Pindosi - Soliders of USA. It's a bad word, but often used.

Тридцатка - Tridtsatka -  Venichle with 30mm cannon

Сливать - Slivat' - Lose

Гренка - Grenka - Hand grenade (explosive)

Мешки - Meshki - Sandbags


Commonly used obscene words: Suka, Blya, Mudak, Ebat'

ignore them.

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