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What graphics card?

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Hello all :)

Right now i have GTX 770. I play Squad and I'm waiting for other games on UR4 like Insurgency Sandstorm and Hell Let Loose or even Ready or Not. And now, which graphics card will be better for games under the UE4 engine? GTX 1070 or RX vega 56? My PC i5 7600K OC to 4,3Ghz PSU be quiet! 650W. Thanks for any suggestion :) .

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The 1070 : cheaper , cooler, less powerhungry, availid from Boardpartners with a decent custom cooler.


Onyl real benifity the 56 has over the 1070  is FreeSync , Meaning that a decent monitor will be around 100 bucks cheaper then the G Sync version.


Both are around same performance lvl .


Its on you to judge whats more important.

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