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The Road to Fallujah, Part 1

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looks badass, so glad you are finally adding destruction to buildings (only visually of course).

the undamaged "freshly built" buildings in some older maps simply did not fit in a conflicz/war setting.

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I have an idea i am going to share with you guys.

What do you think of making Fallujah geting played in a couple of maps lets say the first map beeing the outskirts of Fallujah Insugens defend the flags and US attack.Like a Fallujah campaign.There is no need maps to be small becouse of that idea but with more details and more fps friendly.And if the US take all the flags thay win and next map can be deeper into the city and so on you get the picture i hope.

And if the US forces dont win nexst map can be some other map not Fallujah.

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