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[2.FJg] Squad Competitive Team (SCT) is recruiting!

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The  2nd Fallschirmjäger Division and its competitive team are recruiting!


Looking for more out of squad other than just playing as a pub? Think you have what it takes to play at the competitive level? Want to play with a squad focused on team oriented gameplay? 


Then join 2.FJg and apply to the competitive team today!


2.FJg's competitive team focuses on providing the clan with a close-knit, trained and competition oriented team to play in events such as ISKT, NAS, CCFN and other competitive matches. 


Should you wish to know more, please reach out to [2.FJg]Fox-ST or apply on our website.


Website: https://www.2fjgclan.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/64m3JnE



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I would advise everyone NOT to join this clan. They stack servers, generally shy away from competition and are very rude to a lot of the players on their servers. Personally have heard 2.FJGR members using racial slurs and cussing people out because they aren't playing the game the way THEY want them to play it. Speaking from personal experience, I had nothing against 2.FJGR until I saw how some of their members were acting in squad (I also used to frequent their RO2 servers), very unprofessional and very offensive. Don't join this clan, they don't deserve members if they are going to act the way they do. They have a similar reputation in Red Orchestra and from what I have seen it is all negative. 

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