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Impossible to join a squad

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Hey everyone,


9 times out of 10 when joining a game here is what happens: the game loads' in; I enter the respawn screen to join  a squad; when clicking on a squad to join I get moved on to the role screen but I actually am not in a squad, if I go back to the squad page my name appears nowhere. I've tried reinstalling the game but the issue persists. Because of this problem I just can't play at all; almost every game I join the problem occurs and I have to quit and restart until I am tired of trying.


Any suggestions or similar issues ?

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Hello and welcome to Squad @InsideReality,


not really aware of such an issue.


does this also happen if you try to create a squad?

does this also happen on the "Firing Range" (local server) when you try to create a squad?

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I found another thread describing this issue. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/27041-cant-joincreate-squad-or-spawn/


a solution for one user who had this issue:

On 7.5.2017 at 1:54 AM, estropilleur said:

Problem solved Mendes ! B|


In some case , it's a network problem. If you use wifi or CPL option , network packets were maybe losed and server closed connection !

Two possibilities :

- Highly recommended to turn off wifi and connect your PC in wired

- Change your DNS address in IPV4 (Tutorials on Google) and take Google Dns (Primary and*)


* Not necessary


do you use wifi?

do you also have this issues when joining a healthy (green square), unpopulated server?


if I were you, I'd also contact [email protected]

describe your issue and link this forum thread.

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Tried what the linked thread said to try but didn't change anything.
I don't use wifi.

It could be due to connection because it doesn't occur if the server is at like half capacity or less I would say.
Still very irritating !


I have contacted squad support, waiting on an answer.

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exact same issue, the game is unplayable for me, if there is more than 25 people on a server i can't spawn or join a squad at all.
i've tryed so many things to only be able to play a single game today, the only one i could spawn in was emptying and i've played for no more than 2 minutes before the game end and the server emptyed completly.

It seems like (looking at steam stats) the more players are playing at a time, the more unlikly i am going to be able to spawn.

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