NOTE: This fix can also fix windows update problems If you have received this error "0xc000007b" while launching Squad or other issues related. Here are a couple fixes that could work.   1:  Download a small .bat file that i created which runs through windows and scans to see if any protected system files may corrupted and replace them. If they are corrupted you may have trouble installing/running EAC, Battlenet ect ect. This includes windows updates. File:  Once downloaded, right click and run as Administrator and CMD (Command Prompt) will pop up and begin's the scan. Note this can take a while. After it has done scanning it should say that it repaired any corrupted files. Restart your pc and try windows update, reinstalling EAC/Squad.   2: If the above did not work, and CMD stated that it could not repair any corrupted files, please message me/comment on these forums.   3: Sometimes .NET framework could be causing issues. This can easily fixed by re-installing latest .NET framework Video^    4: Since C++ Could cause an issue, try my other thread for help with C++ go to here:   5: Reinstall Direct X . Video:      For some people, these troubleshoot solutions may not help you in the slightest. If any of you need help, ill do my best to fix your issue. PM/Add me on discord/Steam if your issue continues to exist. If you have discord, link is below.    Steam: Discord Server: