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i7 8700k new cpu

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8770k Is top tier gaming chip currently but the 8400/8600K could be even more intresting when you look for bang for a buck.

  • best IPC
  • highest clocks
  • even in Muthread department compareable performance to an 1800X so no trade offs here

The Bad:


  • new PCH isn`t out yet so basiclly buy revamped 170/270 chipset boards until next year
  • Not soldered Heatspreader -->High temperatures
1 minute ago, Ginastic said:

It doesnt seem to make a big difference between the CPUs if you're on 1440p+ monitor

when said Monitor is 144hz and you got a potent GPU a strong CPU is still required.

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I have a 6700k sitting at 4.5Ghz and am not compelled to upgrade at all. I recently upgraded my GPU and am getting 50-100% more FPS in most games I play, 80% on average. That's 10% for every 100€ I paid.


If I were to upgrade my motherboard and CPU I'd be getting 30% improvement at the very best and only in few specific gaming situations. Mostly I'd be getting less than <5%. So paying ~450€ for an overall ~10% improvement is a horrible investment, that's just 2.2% for every 100€. Is this really all Intel can offer me after 2 generations?


It's very impressive in multi-thread workloads though, if someone's looking for the best gaming and workload combo CPU this is a great choice.

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Probably very good for streaming/recording and gaming on the same PC instead of having to have a dedicated PC with a capture card. It can save money that way if you're into that.

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