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Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

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9 hours ago, Halgrave said:

I backed yesterday for sure after finding a youtube vid on it.  It looks like it has a lot of what I like about Squad, and I'll be looking forward to playing as SL, Medic, and Support Gunner roles in that setting.

I have watched some Q&A videos with the Project lead. I have very high hopes on HLL for the following reason. The guy himself has a pretty broad gaming background with shooters himself, as a ww2 fan (just like the rest of black matter) he plans to go for realism as much as possible without gameplay suffering. 

From the anwsers he gave he seems to have a solution for all flaws from games back then and now, Also he started the game years ago as a hobby, and 2 more people joined after a while and it seems that whatever they did propelled the motivation and morale to continue on which one point he asked the other guys if they wanted it to take it a step further.....and they all did. Ever since people from Russia, the US and other countries joined.
So now they got to the stage where they need the funds to actually take it to the next step and develope it to the extend of what they have in mind. 


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23 hours ago, FeatherSton3 said:

Hey @Gatzby, have you dev's/employees been in contact at all with the guys making Hell Let Loose?

Don't think so, apart from enjoying the Kickstarter campaign. Looking forward to see what their texture artists come up with after the first video. =)

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