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DAY1 Commander Tier

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Id just like to say thank you to the devs for making this game a thing, I know theres alot more work to do. But so far ive had a non-stop blast in this game.


Ive played alot of PR in the past and have only just started playing SQUAD.. All i can say is WOW!   Those epic moments we all had and loved in PR are now happening for me in SQUAD! The way the community bands together in matches is Amazing! The base infantry teamwork is almost on par with PRs. Obviously it will be improved as we get vehicles, map markers etc etc.


But for now, im enjoying thing game a bunch!


Thank you and ill see youuu, in the action!  - Daruth505

*loads up squad the moment he finished this post*







[i will most likey post my thoughts and feedback on what needs to change and what dosen't in the future. These are all my opinion, thanks for reading]

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Nice screenshots. :) It's such a beauty of a game.

Glad you're having a blast! 

Thank you for your kind comment :}

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