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[wF] WhiteFOX vs. [FSQ]Finnish Squad CONQUEST MODE Show match Saturday 16th, at 19:00 UTC!

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Join us this Saturday at 19:00 UTC for a CCFN Show Match between [wF] WhiteFOX and [FSQ] Finnish Squad on OP First Light, showcasing the Conquest Game Mode and testing its competitive viability.

Get ready for a competitive 24 vs. 24 player match unlike any other you've seen, featuring novel game mechanics that require innovative strategies and tactics from the teams.

Insightful commentary is provided by casters [OMBD] Gec and Tartantyco, and we hope you'll join us with your own enlightening comments in the Twitch chat.

Tune in this Saturday!
19:00 UTC | 12:00 PDT | 05:00 AEST Sunday

Receive alerts on:
ISKT Discord

- https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/7044wf/iskt_whitefox_vs_finnish_squad_conquest_mode_show/

- https://www.reddit.com/r/PlaySquad/comments/7043yn/iskt_whitefox_vs_finnish_squad_conquest_mode_show/

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