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Mister Skippy

30 MM Stryker

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Everything will be in the link with details also here is a video to prove it and it's being deployed:


As you can see in the video the rate of fire is waaaay slower than it's Russian conterpart but don't forget that the Stryeker needs 4 shots to be taken down by an AT so i think no balance is needed.

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They're not in common service yet, so I sincerely doubt that they'll be added. We already know that the M1128 MGS will be added and, with the future addition of the TOW, we may even see the M1134 as well. That would give you Stryker's with .50's, the 105mm L68 and TOW missiles.


The closest thing that I could see being added would be LAV-25's with the USMC. 

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