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The dead Scandanavian forum is not correct

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This is regarding the sub forum International -Supported Languages -Scandanavian


Under supported languages you have "Scandanavian". Scandinavia is not an language. It is an area like Europe which contains 5 different countries Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland och Iceland. You should really consider to change the name from Scandinavia  to Norwegian because everything in that forum is in Norwegian.


It would be very nice to see a sub-language forum for the Swedish speaking people.

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That is correct that is the reason it should be tittled Nordic countries, Fennoscandia or just Finnish as it a high time our mates in the other Nordic countries start to learn some finnish - since everyone knows you just can't curse in other languages - perkele. :P 

Edited by WARti0k0ne -BG-

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