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True Surround sound Support?

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Afternoon Community.

Just wondering as I haven't found any discussion's about true surround sound support in suggestions, (possibly through fault of my own), is there any plans too add 7.1 surround sound support? I invested in an X-Fi Titanium analog 7.1 surround sound, sound card and Razer Tiamat 7.1 analog headset back in the early days of Project Reality to  achieve better sound quality and positional audio. Its was a great investment as my positional audio was far superior than my pears and the sound quality was impeccable due to BF2's Sound blaster technology support. Squad in its current form, has moderately good positional audio, on a single plane, left and right that is. Unfortunately however from my experience it has no positional audio supporting the vertical plane. Time and time again, my squad would be clearing a building with several floors, hearing enemy gunfire emerging from the building from our left or right, only too clear the floor and come to the conclusion that the enemy player is above us. Are there any plans to remedy this by adding vertical positional audio support, as I believe it would vastly improve target acquisition and identification in such situations. I know I may be alone in my substantial investment to achieve better audio however, I can ascertain from the several post in support forum, I am definitely not alone in my use of 7.1 surround sound, whether virtual or analog. Any response or direction to other similar post would be welcome.





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I'd be happy with basic positional sound to be honest. I don't see the point in super-multi-channel surround sound. Interesting about the vertical part though, i wonder now you've said that, that my issues with sound in BC/BF's was actually the vertical part (or lack thereof?) - btw BF:BC had me actually purchase 5.1 phones because i thought i needed them to get SS to work at all when it turned out to make virtually no difference that i could tell except the newer phones gave me sh17loads more bass ;)

In JO we had pretty good positional audio - well i had no issue with it, and i could generally pick things in the vertical as well - and for me at least, the audio cued me straight towards the sound origin - and this was with $10 mic'ed phones from Big-W that lasted me 6+yrs.

Although it would come down to what each persons idea of "better audio quality" actually is, i suppose.




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