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REALLY slow motion movement with 9.9

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Went to the range after 9.9 update to make sure settings were still OK. Everything works as before, but any movement such as walk, sprint, jump, crouch or prone is in REALLY slow motion. i.e. like at a movement rate of one foot taking 5-10 seconds. Any idea why? Certainly don't want to go in game until it's fixed

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5 hours ago, Rainmaker said:

Type adminslomo 1 in console and it should be fixed.

nope, doesn't work.


34 minutes ago, EA_SUCKS said:

it's not firing range only, it's in every map that you try to play on local

Yes. That is correct.

firing range = client is host (which is bugged bugged)

doesn't matter which map you load via console.


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