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API acces to player stats for tracker

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Hi community/squad,

Is any form of API accessibility or a data dump where i could retrieve player data and parse it to visual elements and browsing players.
I would like to build a tracker with all the data i can get to see if i can build something cool, just an experienced developer looking for a cool new ReactJS project.

Any help to get this message to the squad creators is appreciated!

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I suggested this type of thing in response to a Persistent game environment. I think that providing access to a very large variety of stats from a server which could be a really nice way to give players some feedback and added entertainment by allowing 3rd party websites to compile and output data from servers.

It can then be totally unofficial yet still provide a huge amount of satisfaction.


Accuracy stats would be nice :) particularly if you could drill down into specific weapons or loadouts.


I wouldnt expect anything immediately but it would be nice if it was planned into future releases as more systems and concepts get nailed down.

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