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Many cheaters, i and my friends crying =(

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7 hours ago, Skul said:

And if you'll look at stats, you'll see that there are more cheaters from Russia Federation than from other countries. Here are last 50 bans from BF2 in pbbans database:


1) In the terms of statistics, this sample is not representative.

2) Even in your list, Brazilians got seven bans with the different Alias/IP, while Russian players took five. So, your statement "Russian Federation have much more cheaters than other countries" isn't true, right from the start. Now go, bash those Ebil Brazilian Haxors.


As i've said before, it's quite childish to generalize, especially basing on such fragmented data from the different game. After all, i know many of the best Russian players and units who're participating in Squad since the time of the Arma ACE project "Serious Games on Tushino" where cheat==lifetime ban, becuase Tushino is the most hardcore, semi-closed club of the people who truly love hardcore tactical shooters and really know how to play this type of games.

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Dear developers, please STOP CHEATERS!

Why you don't fighting with they? Sorry, but I not see result of your fighting.


Every time, when i play in Squad, i see cheaters. I repeat, i know and feel difference beetwen skill (real game) and cheaters. On YouTube you can found many fresh video with cheaters.

I delete BattleField 3/4 in crying, found and buy Squad, because hoped what in Squad have not cheaters. I was mistaken. If in september and october situation not change, i never recommend Squad game for my friends and maybe delete this.


I like your game, but STOP CHEATERS PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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There is no need to continue this thread. Squad has an anticheat system, most of official servers are maintained by responsible admins especially Northeum. Seems like you are not really familiar with russian community since you decided to post a thread on official forums instead of asking Northeum admins.


Squad is not Battlefield. Skill comes in many forms including the ability to take the right position on the battlefield. If you are absolutely sure there are cheaters on Squad servers, make the video and send the report via special form, but don't post it on public.


На Northeum, да и на большинстве крупных серверов читеров практически не бывает. Не знаю насчет твоего скилла, но мне кажется, что ты серьёзно преувеличиваешь проблему. Если ты прям в этом уверен - пиши в Discord админам сервера. Если ты собираешься дальше писать здесь о тотальном безразличии разработчиков, то эту тему можно закрыть.

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