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Bipods for marksmen?

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Marksmen should have a bipod , that's what would make them different from a regular rifleman with an ACOG. eventhough i think that US marksman should get a more powerful scope in the future .

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In the final form of how we would be able to use our weapon I imagine and expect is:


Every weapon in the game should have the ability of weapon resting. With marksman and machinegunners having an extra option of bipod to get the rest and stability where ever they wish with unrestricted stability while looking way up and down.


I believe why marksman does not have a bipod is because the shooting in squad is not challenging. Its like shooting lasers at people. After some time of playing when you get the hang of it you don't even need a scope to drop people few hundred meters away. Thats why probably marksman does not have bipod because it would be way easy for him than it already is.


What we need is revisited bullet ballistics and weather effects on them. Also a little deeper dive into each weapon system would help this.


When that is achieved then a skill of one individual is totally irrelevant and teamplaying comes into first plan like advertised.


I heard that with new GPMGs the new suppresion effect will come into game and that is one step closer to the point I am trying to explain.

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13 minutes ago, Frinz said:

It will get a 10x leopold scope if i am not mistaken

if thats the case i hope that the devs allow us to chose our magnification. not like battlefield 4 where you have a quick flip between magnification but a slow blur as your player adjusts the zoom on the scope

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