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[FCV] Commander's Choice 30th of September 2000 UTC

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The commander's Choice is an open event, we invite all members of the great Squad Community to help us populate and play in this event. If you are interested in commanding, squad leading, or you just want to be a grunt on the frontline, join us!


We are planning on hosting more of these, so if you did not make Commander or squadleader, or even grunt the first time around, feel free to help us organize and run this event for a chance next time!


Map Information: The map will be Yehorivka AAS V1

US Team assets are: 3 Strykers, 2 HMMVWs, 2 transport trucks and 2 Logistic Trucks.

Russian Team assets are: 2 BTR-80, 1 BTR-82A, 1 MT-LBM 6M, 1 MTLB 6MA, 2 Transport Trucks and 2 Logistic trucks.




Event Information

Each Commander will be in admin cam ingame, telling their team what to do, and will play the game much like a strategy game. They will be restricted to only view their own teams positions, and not use the admin cams ability to view all.


We obviously know the admin cam can be abused, and will ensure both commanders have integrity aswell as running the server behind a password. Hopefully both commanders will stream allowing complete transparency.

Each Commander will also be required to make a battleplan and maintain and organize their team as best they can before the battle.


Server Information

The server will be running from Free Candy Van 2, we run our servers from OVH on an Overclocked i7 7700k @ 5ghz, with 64gb of DDR4 ram and 2 SSDs, which should be more than enough to maintain the server.


If you are interested in livestreaming the event then you are welcome to do so, and if you want us to promote your channel as you are streaming, reach out to us, but it is not required to stream our event. We will not permit anyone else but the Commanders to use admin cam.



Obviously standard FCV rules apply, with common sense being mainly the red line here. 

  1. All squadleaders must follow commanders orders.
  2. All squadmembers must follow squad leader orders.
  3. All players must have microphones.
  4. Any issues will be dealt with Wicca.
  5. Rushing flags is permitted.
  6. Each team may only go to the last flag of the enemy team, but may flank to either side towards the enemy mainbase to attempt to disrupt supply runs.


Signup Dates & Times

All signups and organization will happen in the FCV Squad discord.

Commander signup 16th of September 1800 UTC

[FCV] Training, Task Force & Admin team Signup 19th of September 1800 UTC

Player signup 20th of September 1800 UTC

Battle 30th of September 2000 UTC



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