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[Free Assets] British Props Asset Pack

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So with the British Faction getting closer it'd be great to see some in the modding community make some English maps. Mapping isn't my thing so I decided to make some props.


Included Items:


  • Red Telephone Box
  • Red Postbox
  • Traffic Bollard
  • Internet/BT Box (Found at the bottom of EVERY English Street)
  • Pedestrian Crossing Post thing..?
  • Old Caravan (Will release different textures for it soon! Old and new etc)
  • SandBag Road Sign







The pack is far from complete but I've been busy lately with the Foreign Legion Faction mod.


Simply download the Uassets you want and place them directly into the squad content folder under epic games.


https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8cE5JFq7B_WeTMzUGZuQlVnQW8?usp=sharing - Download


Please note that these are free but please do not use them outside of the squad modding community without my permision. And obviously don't sell them.


Thanks for taking a look, enjoy !


Edit: You will have to relink the materials up and possibly reassign the material to each model.


Babe x

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