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Big Gucci Killas - Recruiting!

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Big Gucci Killas - NA


Whats up Squad forums EPFR here, just want to make a little post to get our name on here.

What are we about? Simple. Respect, Teamwork, Sportsmanship, and Slaughter. We're a real laid back group that like to keep it drama free and enjoy the game.


Events: We attend Levelgg on Saturdays, CCFN on Sundays and NAS soon to come. 




We've also teamed up with STG (Squad Tactical Group) and AN (Alliance Navy) to form a group of clans called "The Coalition". We aim to provide a friendly and respect-based community for all walks of squad to enjoy. I won't spill the beans yet so I'll provide more details at a later time.


We are recruiting so if you're looking for a clan feel free to PM me or join our discord. 


Big Gucci Killas Discord: https://discord.gg/k34aEvQ

The Coalition: https://discord.gg/MkxYsdA



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