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[3D] Unity Photogrammetry Workflow

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This guide written by Sébastien Lachambre, Sébastien Lagarde, Cyril Jover describes a step-by-step process for producing high-quality, reusable, and game-ready digital assets from photos and video. And do not be embarrassed by that it is written for Unity.


It so helpful that in some sort you can call it a bible for those who might be interested in scanning real world objects to make game assets. And I really suggest you to try it by your self. It so fun!


And it so easy that you can use even a camera from your mobile phone! Ofcource for quality which is used in AAA games like Battlefront you need a really expensive equipment (it listed in this guide as well), but I'm pretty sure that with some hand work you can do it without expensive hardware. I guess the only things you'll need is a good camera (which is not very rare in modern days) and straight hands.


Also a subscription for Reality Capture (the best software for photogrammetry atm) can be bought in Steam. It is not very expensive and there are regional prices, which is very important for poor countries.


I've even tried it by my self and I was so impressed with how easy it is. Pure magic.

The first thing I learned is that you need a very good flash card, and better a few. What a pity that my camera is an obsolete.


Here is the result of a birch from my courtyard ))


SmFNRMT.jpg  ga2Q8uj.jpg



Ofcourse there are plenty of work should be done to make something usable from this, but it is still extremly faster than sculpt and texture it in a traditional way.

And here some handle from the door, which I found on my balcony...


Ofcourse there is no need to scan objects like this, cause you can model them pretty easily, but anyway, I did it in 5 mins just for some testing...

ItmDA7r.jpg 0WLZocN.jpg

Also if you have a drone - you can theoretically even scan landscapes and get some textures and height maps from it to make a real world maps (you can even rescan a 3D scans from Google maps for example, but if something happends - It's not me who told you xD).


And yeah if you're going to scan something - post here your results. Cheers.

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I'd recommend a setup like this (20$ for tripod and 10$ for a selfie-stick with 3/4 mount) to scan bigger objects and especially large parts of tree trunks 


also handy for getting as much angles from single position as you want

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