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[WIP] Dormant Volcano Isle (Vanilla & JO_mod)

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updated MOD thread>  http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/29170-squad_jo-game-play-modification/?do=findComment&comment=316764   


yeah mate, ToD is done, for now. it's fairly basic but works well - check the last vid (OP, this thread ) (it's a bit fast in this vid but you get the feels). ToD is controllable via On/Off, Speed and whole-hour start time setting. controls sun light, sun movement, ambient light and atmo-fog density. settings still need to be exposed as options in the server tho. no idea how to do this yet. no 'seasonal' or 'lattitudinal' variations like in JO - that's a bit beyond me tbh.


AAS stuffs: yeah still have some work to do atm. using "Invasion" as it's the closest to true AAS. still trying to get Weight-Of-Numbers logic worked out - think i need some access we don't have yet - this will then tie into Caps and Spawns working as perJO (PSP's).

aaand, awaiting the v10 update to see what they've done with AAS, etc.. ;)


character movement is partly done; i have Run Always (at "sprint" speed) thing worked out but don't have "sprint" removed yet (dunno how yet), stamina is effectively OFF, still need to work on removing the "Bleed" effects for Health and Damage.


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