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[WIP] Dormant Volcano Isle (Vanilla & JO_mod)

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Hi All,

I have a passion for Joint Operations (JO). It was honestly one of the best games i have ever had the good fortune to play. This has lead me to picking up Squad, as it is the only game going-anywhere that offered so much potential for modding, and has even allowed me to dream of playing something resembling JO again.

I will be doing a number of re-imagined JO Maps, following as closely to the originals where possible, and posting each in here with my progress and uploading a "Geo" and "Populated" versions. I hope that the maps i make will make their way into Squad-proper but even if they don't or are unpopular i am also creating these assets - as well as numerous others - for a hope-to-be-completed mod of Squad called, tentatively, Squad_JO, which will attempt to emulate the game-play and style of JO using Squad as a base game.




UpToDate as of 28/08/17: Pics in Flickr album.

Name: Dormant Volcano Isle (reimagined JointOps map).

Location: some tropical archipelago.

Size: 1x1 kM approximate.

Teams: Blue v Red (BluFor v OpFor).

Gameplay: AAS(PAAS) - Infantry with mostly light vehicle support and suggest no 'artillery' or 'cas', etc..

Download link: no - WIP.

Description: As described on the box - skirmish type AAS(PAAS), only light vehicular support with possible (very limited) BTR level vehicle, emplaced weapons and defensive works at CP's, one each team owned CP's and two central (parrallel) CP's (4 in total - A, B+C, D).

Additional: this is my first proper map (Iceland became a 'testbed' map ;P ), and is fairly small i know but i think with the right restrictions in place it will be a bunch-o-fun to play. This will be the smallest i make - all the others will be 2k or greater

Screenshots/Media/Minimap: via my Flickr    -https://flic.kr/s/aHsm5xsNcK        *minimap is now out of date.



Constructive help and critique is more than welcome.


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Posted (edited)


This giant rock on the beach looks very very foreign.


Here some tip for you which will help to fix that. This is always work with rocks, to make them looks more realistic...


1) First of all it is always good to make the ground a little bit rased around the big rocks, to complement them.

2) Secondly there should be some smaller rocks around the big one, cause you know - they love to crack.

3) And to finalize that you can also blend some rocky texture where will be rocks lying on the surface.




In your particular case also there are water, so water can go around the rock because it really heavy, so it can hold the sand around it self and form some sort of an island...

Something like that may be:



Also here some screenshots from Risen 3...

Pay attention to the curved line of the beach and some small islands that form pretty interesting composition...





You can try something like that too...

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Thanks @FishMan, yeah i still have to look at things like that a bit more critically (aesthetically). Rocks, and the like, are a real pain to get to look natural - i like your mock-up ;)


There is so much more aesthetic ability with new engines, compared to old ones like Novalogics' - i find 'filling in' the world with the miryad stuffs you need to make it look not-spartan (forest areas been the hardest - just looks bare and unloved) is really difficult simply because we are limited by density and variety we can get to actually work in-game.


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Yay! High five! I love JO! The sandbag bunker thing you have there gave me an instant flashback to JO. ^_^

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Omg mate!. One of my favourite maps in JointOps, can't wait to see another version of this classic map.

Also would love to see some tunnel networks,if like possible. ;)


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