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Pvt. Lewis

Do you honestly think we will get machineguns? (M240 Pkm)?

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What kind of role do you see the MGs taking in squad? 


The closest comparison we can make to something already in game is the INS/Malitia RPK.  This is the 7.62 variant of the RPK-74 (so roughly the same comparison to 5.56 and 7.62 NATO).  *In game*, the RPK really only has an advantage up close with he greater stopping power, but it bleeds off very quickly, yielding to the 5.45 variant at longer ranges in terms of damage. 


*In real life*, however, the heavier bullet maintains decent stopping power out to further ranges, comparable to the lighter cartridge, and it is the *accuracy* (with bullet drop and velocity being much worse) that makes the heavier bullet more unwieldy for distant targets.  Accuracy variations aren't really a big thing in squad yet... so I see why they have balanced things the way they have for now.  Reference this video.



The same balance "excuses" apply to the marksman kit.  There is no getting around the fact that it is strange that they balance the heavier rounds to do less damage at range when fired from an automatic weapon, yet the inverse applies when fired from a marksman rifle, just because accuracy isn't a thing and they need a way of differentiating between cartridges.


When the M240 and PKM get added, will we see them used for clearing buildings and CQB, with the LMGs reserved for longer range engagements because they do more damage?  I certainly hope not...


Weapon ballistics will always be a contentious topic, and I'm sure people will jump in with their experience/beliefs and disagree with the above.  The less controversial point to make is that the bulkier design of the GPMGs should allow for more reliable operation when firing continuously. It is better suited to a support fire role and for area denial rather than short term suppression.  However, because stoppages aren't (and will probably never be) a thing in squad, we don't have that to suggest a natural role for them either.  So what good will they do in game?

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RPK shots 7.62x39 vs 7.62x51 Nato thats a huge difference , proper analogon to 308. NATO round would be 7.62x54R for the GUS factions.

With the shorter cartrige  lower muzzel velocity , range and penetration  is achieved in case of the 7.62x39 compared to 7.62x51 or 7.62x54R or even 5.45x39 5.56x45.

The heavyer bullet has benifits on low ranges in case of stoping power thats it.

Squad pictures this calibere quit well.

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