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On: The future Commander feature and how it can be properly implemented

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2 hours ago, LugNut said:

I think UAVs would be cancer. Let the guys on the ground call in intel, that is the point of this game, players working together to outwit and outplay the enemy. 

I think if you watch the UAV footage above, real footage, that the UAV can only see like one block at a time when it zooms in to the ground, further zooming in may only get you a building or two that you can see movement  outside buildings.  So, the UAV wouldn't be able to see the enemy on the whole map just a small portion at a time, and depending on how fast you can fly and scan the the map with UAV would determine how fast you can identify the enemy movements.  It looks like it might be a bit tedious  to search out and find activity using the UAV, it wouldn't be instantaneous, it would take work and time.  That is just my take on it and view how it could work, its all in how you design and program it to work in the game I suppose. 

So the guys on ground would call the UAV unit to help them when they did find the enemy first, then the UAV would assist.

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10 hours ago, suds said:

Balancing irregular factions would not be so hard. I am not convinced any of this is needed but there are options.


Lots of options, any or all:

  • Surveillance cameras linked to a crappy mashup of screens in the HQ van/tent. These could be manually placed by scouts, could also give the scout a little screen.
  • Cameras with remote controls placed on towers and key points. These could be on a map layer as standard and controlled via the HQ with zoom, pan, tilt
  • Deployable cameras which can be set up near a radio.
  • Vehicles which look like the static objects laying around the map but with cameras.
  • Allow scouts to place markerw like squad leaders can.
  • Give scouts some fancy binoculars (even IR if it needs a big boost).
  • Some simulated audio chatter in the HQ which imitates a spotter kid with a phone calling in intel from his little village. (reality). eg "Lots of tanks coming through Village!". No magical marks but genuine information which needs to be placed onto the map by the operator.
  • Could require connection of cameras to a phone line, limiting range and increasing chance of finding these devices.


Balancing through:

  • High cost for loss of HQ, higher for regular factions.
  • Low quality video on UAV/deployed cameras, live transmission of video is terrible, allow review of higher quality after a time to simulate transmission delays.
  • Limited range of transmissions.




I think what I liked the most out of that list was giving ability of players other than SL's to mark hostiles on map and then maybe the SL approves with an easy click of page up. That should just be a standard for every faction honestly.


In terms of viability of irregular factions using surveillance I think it would be so shitty in comparison that the more I think about it the more I agree with the counter argument. It might just do more harm then good to overall gameplay to have an eye in the sky. I don't know what the devs have in store but I am eager to see how they plan to implement a commander in some useful way we have yet to think of.

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You can rename the UAV in to FOB hunting tool, because in 90% of the time it will be used for that and in 10% for supporting the other squads. When the enemy cant spawn 100m of a point because you destroyed there FOB and has to now walk 300m or more, you are almost guaranteed to capture that point. This will completely change the game and I can guarantee you that a ton of Experienced SL will stop playing the game after introduction. The attracting things of SL in squad are the Cat and Mouse, flanking and the "make your tactic work"  freedom that the game provides. This will change the game for 360 degrees, which brings me to the conclusion that most people posting here don't understand the game and the resulting game play at all. 

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above is very true but it should not end the discussion of this. Im not arguing strongly that UAV should have a place in gameplay but it is a genuine tool which would be interesting to the way factions can play. There are still ways to make it work.


eg options:

  • 3 + click planar deployment of effective camo nets....
  • improved player and vehicle camo performance against base ground textures
  • adjust some trees to have more upper foliage and spread
  • covered markets etc
  • irregular HABS built inside structures not requiring big obvious walls and roof
  • Limit UAV HQ to deployed near FOB with relatively low range + require prerequisite other deployments ie make it a big base.
  • Make a UAV really noisy and relatively easy to shoot down with small arms with a low effective  altitude...clouds/fog/dust/stability high wind at higher altitude.
  • Mobile spawn buses

FOB hunting is already pretty easy with a few people who are patient enough to flank without taking contact. FOB placement and defenses can adapt. They already have since the HAB, there are plenty of ways to deal with the balance.

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@ExpressDelivery nah. After 500 hours you dont need UAV to find FOB....all places are so common :D that you just predict with high probability where enemy have tham. People are predictable. And also because people act like cannonfuter and run directily to flag from any FOB (if thay dotn have FOB exactly at flag)  than its easy to figure out from where they are comming. UAV would be just fun to watch that "human stream" 

technickly it will not change a game. And believe or not but if Commander through radio will say that "hey 2 you have enemy on your E" than SL 2 will just say ok .. but effect is minimal :D and players will just wait until they will be hit from flank (hm better would be to say. Players generaly ignore that until they will be hit from that flank). Easy like that. (80 - 90%) for the rest is something like "now interesting game start" :) 


But for precise navigation mortar fire .... oooooo ho ho hoho ... that would be interesting and really usefull. 

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I have mixed feelings about the Commander role.


In all honesty, if it was somehow possible to have a well-worked reputation system and people engaged properly with things, and simply went with an order structure and so on, I'd happily take part in that at all levels. In terms of co-ordination and a grander strategy, I honestly think it can be a great thing to experience and an interesting dynamic.


However, I have to concede that reality wouldn't make this likely most of the time, and where it's desired, in more formalised settings like clans etc, it can already be achieved simply by having a 1 man commander squad or allocating one squad primacy. It's also simply the case that there is squabbling, infighting, countless petty generals and so on, and it just wouldn't work well because it would all fall apart so easily if the wrong single cog wasn't working. As it is, I guess I would have no problem with a role (that wouldn't have to be taken I guess) that would operate a bit as people have discussed - a support co-ordinator of sorts, who could take requests from squad leads to deploy UAV for recon (and I do mean a realistic interpretation where it was directly observed by the operator and fed back to SLs in the field, with limited view so that closer observation limited big-picture awareness and so on rather than a magic wand to see where everyone is), A10 runs Axton style, other off-map support even, that kind of thing, and it would simply be discussed at SL level.

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I play SL most of the time (100s hours of just being SL) and felt that we needed a dedicated commander role for a long time now. Then i read this entire thread, other discussions on commanders,  the September recap report from OWI's developers. After thinking about all the different v12 changes that are coming, I have had my opinion changed signifigantly. So here you go:


1. The developers have already said that they are going to have a commander role. Dont like it? GET OVER IT! and help us make the role better, because we are stuck with it!


2. Commanders should have some power but not too much. Why? Because people suck and eithier will be tyrants or squad leaders will suck and not cooperate.


3. Squad leaders have too much to manage already. V12 will make it worse ( map options, more marks, fireteam marks, etc)


4. Everyone keeps talking about UAVs. We can have a commander without UAV.


5. Commander just need an ability that SLs dont have, to be a technically different role.


So to balence all those concerns make the commander basically just another SL that can exclusively:


A. Do special map markings. Like enemy vehicles and "view all squad marks" option. 


B. Can NOT create fireteams and squad size limited. (Say 4 total and only intel/scout roles).


C. Has some limited influence ( not absolute control) over the logistics sytem. Because developers seem to be making logistics more important and it has team-wide effects. 


D. Remove direct SL to SL communication when there is commander. Again SL are busy and will be busier in v12. Commander should consolidate some SL duties to free up squad leaders to actually lead their squad. 


In the event no one takes the role, or leaves/disconnects while commander, the next person on that squad becomes commander. If no one is in the squad, all commander abilities become avaible to regular SLs, just in case they find time to use them.



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My spelling was bad.

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