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[WIP] Chity Wok [Vanilla]

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Name: Chity Wok

Start Date: 8/21/2017

Location: No-Landscape | City | Free-hand

Size: 2km

Teams: Rus and Tal (Undecided)

Gameplay: A close quarters map with limited to no vehicles for smaller servers. To take advantage of the urban setting and create a atmosphere where you want to constantly stay alert from all angles and every corner.

Download link: [Unreleased/WIP]

Description: I wanted to play a heavily cluttered yet maneuverable on foot city map. Something where close quarters are much more likely or even to pop up next to a enemy without knowing. The map was not intended with realism to a real city however I don't want it to look like a cartoon either. By adding models in that give every turn and cranny character and detail should just as well distract the eyes as they already should be. The buildings are slowly being converted into 4 points with a maximum of 3 levels high. Right now I want to finish the first two halves where the bridge divides on both sides of city. There will be 2 more halves on the left side added eventually for 4 quadrants. The lighting and fog are meant to be dusk like as to limit your visibility but not hinder gameplay, enough to be atmospheric. I can only go so big before performance starts to tank with materials I have to work with.

Minimap: Last Update 8/22/17



Screenshots/Media: Last Update 8/22/17

 AxeZcaN.jpg1-Story Restaurant

k4cnnGw.jpg2-Story Building 1 View 1

5RD3TYP.jpg2-Story Building 1 View 2

coanadn.jpgBus Station/Overpass

eFMiadF.jpgBus Station


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