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Welcome to the new Modding Forum Section!

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We would like to welcome the whole Squad Community, from players to modders, to the newly face-lifted Modding Forum Section. With Steam Workshop support looming closer and closer we have decided to rework the Modding forums in order to make room for organisation and the expansion of what we will be able to create for Squad, using the Squad SDK.


As you can see we have split up the forums into different sections, we'd ask you to use them according to their purpose (if the name is not clear you can see that in the descriptions)


To keep this part of the forums organised and operating efficiently we will be including templates at the top of each section that will provide rules and information on how to set up your threads. We would advise using these templates as they will make it extremely easy for everyone to understand what you're working on as a modder but also keep a level of consistency throughout the various sections. Simply reveal the hidden contents at the top of the sections and see what you need to do to get set up correctly!


Some of the forums need Moderator approval for threads to be unlocked (to ensure they are up to par), but fear not, our Moderation team is rather quick!

We have a couple of Forum Moderators that will be joining us, as well as creating content with us since they're modders that helped establish the Squad Modding Hub Discord server.




We are going to be archiving nearly all old threads as a lot of them are outdated and do not conform to our new templates and standards, so if your previous thread disappears please don't panic! It's not deleted and you can resubmit it in a new format should you still be working on any previous projects. You can also still find it in the "Archive" section, which will stay up for some time.


Should you have any concerns regarding your old threads, feel free to PM myself or the three Moderators listed above and we will get back in touch.


We're all looking forward to what the community will be able to roll out come Steam Workshop support, as well as begin creating once they're fully able to test in a live game environment!


See you on the other side!

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