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[Blueprints] Adding a new faction to Squad

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In the last few days there has been some confusion on how to add new factions into the SDK. I tried to do a basic guide in form of a video tutorial on how to add a faction, define the roles and apply a basic retexture as a player model.


I hope you find it helpful.


Please be aware that:

  • I'm austrian and english isn't my native language, so if that turns you off, I can't help you, I make mistakes ;)
  • This was recorded "live" and didn't receive a lot of cuts (other than the SDK startup etc.), so there will be mistakes in it and they will be fixed in the video.
  • This isn't an "official" way by any means, it's just how I found it out by trial and error and looking at the current factions.



Any questions? Shoot away! Or find me lurking on Discord on the Modding Hub

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