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[2D – Template] US Model Photoshop template for retexturing

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Hi everyone!


Since a lot of people continue to pester me about it, here it is! It's a Photoshop template for the retexturing of the US models with fancy new camos (Or unfancy new camos – who am I to judge?).


followmytracers35s5a.jpg highresscreenshot0000j4uvj.jpg

(MARPAT by Assifuah, Austrians by r0tzbua)


I split up the camo at all the seams, tried to get the size to each patch right to make the pattern unified over the whole model and changed some small things.


The US flag patch on the shoulder got replaced by some simple velcro. I edited the normal map as well for it. So if you place a patch on it, make sure to edit the normal map as well.



To change the camo (currently it is a US Woodland camo by Tounoushi from the Facepunch forums), you have to do the following:


Find, and double click the layers (Smart Objects) called "[REPLACE ME]".



It will open a Smart Object in a new tab. In there you can place your Camo/Color/Nude Pics and save it. You can now close this new tab, it will automatically replace all the camos with your recently placed ones. Yay!


You don't have to make the camo layer visible, it just acts as a template for all the smart objects in the folder with the name of "Don't touch us if you don't have to."


Both files have some extras in there for recoloring the plain colored things and other equipment:




This is a layer for recoloring the coyote/tan plain colored stuff in the original texture. If you want to retain thise, simply set it to invisible.



It also has a second smart object for having a different texture for the helmet. If you want the same as in the rest, simply also place the same camo in here.




These are recolors of the tan stuff like the boots and the holster. You can simply make these layers invisible (by clicking on the eye, but I guess you know that already) if you want to retain the standard tan versions.


There is a Marmoset Toolbag file in there which should theoretically work to give you a quick preview, just replace the missing textures in the materials with you newly created ones. (You may have to export the combined map from the SDK yourself to get a "real" look.)


I think that's it for now, if you have any questions, just hit me up on the Modding Discord.


Ah, yeah you need a download link, it's on MEGA, because it's huge:







Offworld Industries for the model and textures, I'm sorry I'm doing this to you.

Tounushi from the Facepunch Forums for the M81 Woodland Camo, I'm sorry I misspelled your name in the PSD, but it took a long time to upload it and I don't want to start again

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Pretty friggin handy! Hopefully we can make this the case for all faction outfits; I have been wanting to do this for the unorganized factions to create lots more outfits since they are, you know, an unorganized group.

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