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Any chance of a modding wiki?

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4 hours ago, Gatzby said:

 The good news is... there is a Squad wiki: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Squad_Wiki <<that Wiki has exactly zero information about modding for modders


It is currently a bit light on modding, <<a bit light on ?!!


I would absolutely encourage everyone to check that out, add your thoughts, <<would input if i knew what i was doing (modding-wise) - but, oh, that's right i don't know anything, which is why; Asking For Modding Wiki


as well as join in on Discord if that's something you're up for. <<well, third time now i mentioned it in these forums - Discord is broken for me and i cannot use it


The modding community there is vibrant, <<i'm sure they are but it's a chat stream - there's no logical or systematic way to hold, find or disemminate useful infomation


and there's also a #wiki channel for assistance there too. =) <<if i could get on it would still be useless to me - i cannot afford to spend all day following a chat stream in the hopes someone will answer


We're also currently working with Zak to get some modding content directly into your faces via the blog. <<cool! - what "Blog" do you speak of?




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This thread has run it's course.


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