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[ USA ] Firestorm Server

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[USA] Firestorm Server
If you need an Admin or Moderator, they can be found at our Discord, here: Firestorm Discord

We have an AWESOME and very close-knit community who all enjoy the game Squad. We ask that you share the love for Squad that we do and please respect us and our server.
We are a gaming clan/community/guild who is still trying to figure things out. If you need help or have questions, never hesitate to ask. We will do our best to help you.

-Squad Leaders-
Teamwork is what counts. Never take the pride of being a squad leader too extreme. Stay humble, stay helpful, and try to show those you are leading a good time. If someone
wants to try to learn a kit, give them a chance. If they aren't following orders or taking much seriously, then you may reconsider.

We ban rule breakers not groups of people.. Egregious rule breaking will result in admin action. We may pardon a ban, once, for an acknowledgement
of the offense and an apology (which can be conducted via this Discord). Multiple bans or egregious reasons for banning may result in a perma-ban (forever).

Players are looking for a good time. Different skill levels and unconventional players do exist. Do not disrupt the server and/or confuse bad players with those who have ill intent.
1.  -  No spamming, trolling, or abuse in voice chat.
2.  -  SLs may kick anyone from their squad for any reason. (a graceful warning beforehand is always courteous)
3.  -  No locked one man squads.
4.  -  SLs must have a mic, speak english, and attempt to communicate equivalent to other SLs.
5.  -  Acknowledge accidental tks and misfire on friendlies in ALL chat.
6.  -  Join a squad
7.  -  AFK players may be kicked to make room.
8.  -  Keep Squad/player names reasonable.
9.  -  No trolling assets (vehicles/emplacements etc.)
10. -  No attempting to pull players to other servers.

-Server Seeding-
When server is 20v20 or lower, the following rules will apply to help us seed:
1. Do not attack or camp or destroy FOBs/HABs/Rallies.
2. Do not use any vehicles except the logistics trucks/transport trucks.
3. Fight over a single central point or the mid area of the map until seeded.
4. Do not place a FOB or HAB within 150 meters of the middle flag.

-Ban Lengths-
•    Perm -  3rd ban, Hacking, Poaching Egregious Violations
•    1 month -   2nd ban, Tk Main,  Ghosting (sharing privileged information)
•    1 week – 1st ban, Several kicks.
*players may be warned for minor offenses, but after the initial warnings, no more are needed and players may be banned without warning afterwards.*

-VAC/Game bans can be banned-
•    3 or more
•    Last 60 days
•    Appeal is at admin discretion

•    Camping Main is permissible if all previous capture points are taken.  Moving past Main is acceptable.  Ambush immediately outside Main is NOT acceptable.  It is NOT camping Main if you are inside a cappable point
•    Do NOT fire any weapons out of Main
•    Do NOT place a mine at any point you can see Main

•    Pings consistently over 250 may be warned then kicked

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