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| STG | High Performance

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Server name in browser: | STG | High Performance

Location:  US East Coast

Our Discord: https://discord.me/squadtacticalgroup

Our website: stgsquad.com

Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SquadTacticalGroup

Server Map Rotation:


Al Basrah AAS v1
Gorodok AAS v1
Sumari AAS v1
Yehorivka AAS v1
Kokan PAAS v1
Gorodok Invasion v1
Narva AAS v1
Fool's Road AAS v3
Chora PAAS v1
Al Basrah PAAS v1
Logar AAS v1
Kokan AAS v2
Chora Invasion v1 Night
Fool's Road AAS v1
Sumari AAS v3
Yehorivka AAS v2
Al Basrah Invasion v1
Narva PAAS v1
Fool's Road AAS v2
Gorodok AAS v2
Logar PAAS v1
Sumari AAS v2
Yehorivka Invasion v1
Chora AAS v1
Kohat AAS v1
OP First Light AAS v1
Kokan AAS v1
Kohat Invasion v1
Chora AAS v2

Server Rules (Upadted 8/19/2017):



Server Rules:

Intentionally teamkilling leads to permanent ban and community ban.

Act like an adult and be a player people want to play with.

Squad leaders must have a mic and communicate with the other squad leaders in English.

Squad leaders must contribute towards objectives in the game and actively play together with the team.

Squad leaders must lead and manage their squads.

You must have a pronounceable username that contains Latin alphabet letters.

Radio placement MUST be agreed upon by other squad leaders prior to placement.

Defending squads have priority on where the radio will be placed.

Admins may implement special rules at the start of matches. Said rules will be clearly broadcasted.


Vehicle Rules:

Fire support vehicles must have two operators to use their armaments.

Abandoning or wasting vehicle assets is forbidden.

Never drop off vehicles anywhere else except at your main-base or at an active ally FOB.

Logistics trucks must be occupied or left at main. Do not abandon them.Squad Leaders must coordinate with each other over the vehicles at their disposal.

Designated Vehicle Squads have priority over claimed vehicles.

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