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Can't place FOB's on server

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I recently set up a (non licensed) 50 slot server hosted by Gamerzhost for my SQUAD clan, everything is fine with the server except the fact that no one, not even an admin, can place any deployables (FOB's, HAB's) on any map, not even on Jensen's Range, except for Rally Points. The placement "ghost/blueprint" is green, but when you left click to place the deployable the ghost just disappears and nothing else happens. AlwaysValidPlacement does not work either. I can't figure out what the problem is. I'd be very grateful if somebody could help me.


Current Server config:


ServerName="1st Spartan Company Server"
// Forced on for Licensed servers (Only OWI staff & qa are admins)
// Forced on for Licensed servers (Only OWI devs)

(RCON is disabled)

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haven't seen you join the serverhosting discord yet - still wanted to share... with the update to the last patch some reported this issue on their servers when something with the update of the game server itself failed. I'm not sure what particularly because neither of our community servers had this issue - but I think it was Steam-related.

A fresh reinstall of the game server (Squad instance) helped all of those as far as I know.


Not sure what to do there on a slot-based server which  you cannot reinstall yourself, but I'd go for opening a ticket with GH, I presume this issue is known to them and usually they're pretty helpful, based on my experience.

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