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ionGaming [IG] - NA/EU

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We are ionGaming, otherwise known as IG, and formerly known as BlackPulse Gaming.


We have a very active and enthusiastic community, with a desire to expand our palate, so to say, by hosting in Squad.


We are a casual gaming community but despite that, teamwork is our greatest strength.


With that being said, since we are new to the Squad scene as a clan, we are looking to recruit both members to play on our server as well as admins to help enforce the rules.


Clan Member Requirements:

13+ years of age

(most if not all of our members are at least 16 y/o, however we like to be inclusive of any age group so long as you show proper maturity.)

Be active in our Squad server, this includes seeding the server as well. We expect that members will play on our server at least 3 times per week, minimum.

Be active in our discord: http://discord.me/iongaming


Admin Requirements:

Includes all clan member requirements, in addition to:

Enforcing server rules

Being an active and positive community advocate


Server Rules (Still in progress):

Be a team player! You must join a squad, no lone wolves.

Squad leaders must have a mic and speak English.

No unnecessary teamkilling

No hacking/glitching

more soon...



That's it!


Like I said, we are a casual gaming community. So as long as you are mature, have fun, and abide by our rules and help keep our server active..there is no reason not to join!


We are brand new to Squad so we have no name recognition within this community as of yet, so if you are already in a clan or do not want to apply, we would greatly appreciate helping to fill our server!



Forum: https://iongaming.xyz/index.php


Application Form: https://iongaming.xyz/app.php/applicationform


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