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Vehicles: Controls - steering.

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Hi all,


This is directed at the appropriate Dev - or someone who already has knowledge about Vehicles and their controls, and mucking about with them.


I have not looked at the vehicle control stuff yet but assume i can work much of it out, however i would like to ask before i go to too much effort and hair-pulling, weather having more than one set of steering controls is possible in UE4.


I would like to impliment a dual control steering option for all vehicles, like that used in JO and other games, where you use the Mouse for fine control and the Keys for "hard" turns.

The vehicle bit that accepts steering control input would accept both Mouse and Keys, via an 'OR'. So steering with mouse until hitting a key to get around that tight corner up ahead, and if not using the keys then defaulting to using the mouse. Of course when you use your FreeLook button, the mouse would go-freelook and you would rely on only the keys for steering, until dropping the freelook key and thus returning mouse control for steering. Mouse steering with on-demand Key steering.


Mouse                                 Keys

      |                                           |

       \________ "OR" _________/




Is this possible?





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Well that was pretty easy.


It's difficult to notice without actually playing it yourself, but everything you just mentioned is there except that you can't use mouse and keyboard steering at the same time, you have to use the freelook to use keyboard steering. Sounds convoluted, but actually it plays fine. Alt is the freelook key, as in arma.


The blueprint magic was pretty simple, just a toggle when you press ALT for the freelook variable, then a branch that checks if you're current freelooking. If you are, then it sends the mouse input the usual way. If you are not, it sets your camera back to normal and sends the mouse input to the steering wheel.





If the devs wanted to implement this fully it'd be fairly easy I'd imagine, and an option in the options menu could easily enable and disable it. 

I for one would love it, keyboard steering in games pisses me off to no end.


EDIT: Turns out it's super easy to add keyboard+mouse steering, you just need to make a variable that turns on while you press a key, and have it disable the mouse steering until you release the key.

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Oh my wordy lordy me, @Axton, u orsim!!

Thank you so much :):)  I thought it would be simple enough, just wasn't sure if it'd actually work.

Will be trying this on the weekend.


7 hours ago, LugNut said:


I know, right?


17 hours ago, Axton said:

keyboard steering in games pisses me off to no end


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