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Im New and in need of Senpai

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I suggest going on youtube and watching some Squad videos, you'll be able to pick up the basics from watching those. 

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@DaTrout7 Welcome to the Forums DaTrout!


1)Start by playing as rifleman for a while and or maybe medic after maybe a handful of hours


2) Use youtube to understand the other roles in a squad and probably spend the most time on what a Squad leader is and what he is supposed to do in the game. You also said u specifically wanted to know what strategies to use or how to  think about the game.That is where the strategy is. You understand that a little, the game from a squad member standpoint will be easier to understand what is best for you to do.


This guy has a pretty good guide series for the roles inside of a squad:



Not to be too overwhelming but here is some additional stuff u will probably figure out later anyways (although there are many people who still dont do some of these things):

Calling out targets: [Compass Bearing] [Enemy Unit Type] [Distance to target] = 215, multiple enemies, 100meters

Marking enemies on the map:  [say the words "Squad Lead" and then wait, if hes not busy then..] [enemy squad E5-9-1] if you just say it and hes talking to a bunch of other people it will add to the noise, and potentially wont be heard correctly. Wait until he asks "what is it".


-Dont just do stuff on your own ask your SL "suggest". And if your suggestion is not whats best someone will give a reason.

-Dont talk over the SL

-stick with your squad but spread out enough for one grenade not to kill everyone

-Use Local comms as much as possible

-Turn up your local volume in order to hear others while inside of friendly vehicles

-m is for map and n is to zoom in, using it often helps

-Spend time on the firing range. -Practice with weapons on full auto and learn how to judge the effective range of it/behavior by just looking down a hall way.


Further Strategy/stuff After Youve played the game a while:

-When your squad keeps getting wiped pushing into an objective multiple times. Change what you are doing. Dont just keep running into the same brick wall. Tell your SL.

-If you arent attacking or defending in AAS and you arent in any kind of vehicle team. You are doing it wrong. The game mode is the objectives.

-FOB placement and building is tricky it will be a while before you start to understand what is best.

-Long ranged engagements contribute very little to the game unless you are defending an objective. I am annoyed they havent nerfed rallies yet for this purpose even. But when attacking, wait until you are as close as possible to the objective before giving away your position. At least until grenade range. Probably a little further if u can. 

-When you push, smoke smoke smoke. Where should you put the smoke, right on the enemy's position. If you cant remember (this has helped me), smoking saves lives but only when the enemy is inhaling.

-I know many ppl will disagree with this but I have 400hrs of experience and for sure keeping your gun by default "on full auto" in almost every environment you are in is what will keep you alive the longest. Most certainly in any kind of urban environment. Possibly not if you are running over a completely open field without any grass, or anyway an enemy could be waiting for you between yourself and destination. Even if there is a small dip. Switch to auto. Change it back to semi when you are being engaged or about to engage longer distance enemies.

-FOB hunting is something you will learn better how to do later, especially after knowing the maps and sensing where the enemy is coming from. Understanding when it is best to do this will take some time too and when not to do it. Know what point in the game things like this to make sense, even spreading out and just throwing bodies every which way to find a fob might be best at certain points in the game. 


Vehicles are probably the hardest thing to do well in a group in Squad. All decisions must be made quicker. Especially SPG-50cal Techie teams. And being in any group of vehicles coordinating in a together when dealing with an enemy 30mm BTR(an armored transport with a mounted 30mm cannon). If you are new dont drive.

-When using vehicles with MGs on them, be conservative. Never drive straight into a possibly enemy controlled area. 

-Q is to zoom in 

-vehicles are for sniping/overwatch and supressing targets when you arent actually going after other vehicles. 

(to brag: 2 of my clanmates the other night killed an MLTB 1kilometer away with a 30mm



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