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[SSD] Making Squad Great Again

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Are you Sick and tired of seeing Blue Falcons charging into enemy ranks thinking it is Call of Duty? Do you feel angry when squad leaders put down FOB’S directly on objectives or areas that make no sense whatsoever? How about those periods in the game where your squad keeps dying around you leaving you speculating if there was a way to play the objective without getting irritated at your squad mates? We might be the division for you! In Situational Support Division(SSD), you will find a community of friends who will play hard to win. We consist of Adults and striving players from United States and beyond. In our community, our motto is Analyzed the Situation, support our allies, and annihilate the enemy. thus we strive for professionalism and hence the requirements to apply:

-          Players must be 18+

-          Must do a Simple tryout 

-          Must have a basic knowledge of Military lingo

-          Must have a Mic


Contact: xShikakuxSensai on Steam Please leave a message if you are interested or just join our group Discord

Discord:  https://discord.gg/JJ4vgDT


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