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[CN] SAGA 1# ~ 5#

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Server: [CN] SAGA 1# ~ 5#
Server Location:
Website: https://www.bf2.com.cn/forum.php
Discord: https://discord.gg/TwKeaZ3
Admins Contact: Forum PM or Discord


About the Team


    China Battlefield Union - SAGA
    SAGA clan was established in autumn 2003. It was a player group which originally dedicated to the Battlefield series. We pariticipated in many domestic and international events and have won many awards. With the expansion of the number of members and the increasing need for more realistic battlefield confrontations, we founded the PR detachment of in 2009, the ARMA detachment in 2013, and then the Squad detachment in 2017.



    Chinese speaking server, simple English is always available, but using Eng as a squad tag is recommended

    Communicational, Co-operational, and Consistant.


Server Rules

    1. Inaction is prohibited

    2. No teamkilling in any situation

    3. No one-man-drive offensive vehicles

    4. Abuse of supplly vehicles is prohibited

    5. Prohibiting destruction of the game already in progress

    6. Keep morality during the game playing

    7. Spying, hacking and bug exploitng is strictly prohibited.

    8. Blocking the permanent base is forbbidend till the last CP is captured

    9. Devoted squads should named properly

    See more details in https://www.bf2.com.cn/thread-606128-1-1.html (Chinese version only)


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