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[EU] whiteFOX Team

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Server : [EU] whiteFOX Team
Server Location : Roubaix, France.
Website : https://www.wfox.eu/
Discord : https://discord.gg/6P6A8bT
Admins Contact : On Discord


About the team

whiteFOX is a structure that aims to bring together groups of players from all European countries and wants to invest in the competition on Squad.

Formed in February 2016 by the gathering of the teams Les Chats Pirates and Yellow Ants and growing with the recent addition of the group Raven Wing. This assamble of players defined it's goal as being ambitious competitors with the seek of victory. However we retain the gaming aspect of the game.



- Teamwork, Respect and Fair Play
- Please join a squad
- Let people know if you are new


Server Rules

- Don't use glitch, exploit, ghosting (sharing informations from the other team) or hack.
- No bigotry & racism, dont use loaded words which carry strong negative connotations

- Don't fight on uncappable flags - it's useless most of the time
- Don't teamkill on purpose and say sorry if it was a mistake.
- Don't advertise


Report Player / Ban appeals
On our Discord.

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