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We ♥ Squad Germany

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Servername: We ♥ Squad Germany

Location: Germany

Admin Contact : Toneslin, Shells, Noobelsuppe

Discord: join

Homepage: www.welovesquadgermany.de

Forum: www.welovesquadgermany.de/xenforo/

Steam Group: We ♥ Squad









Server rules: 


  • Squad leaders must have and use a microphone! (lang: EN/DE)
  • Racism, intolerant or hateful behavior or purposely commited rage-TKs are not tolerated and will entail correlating consequences
  • Don't use important vehicles as disposable one-way transports!
  • Do not leave vehicles unattended anywhere else but mainbase or at protected FOBs.
  • Glitching, cheating and  trolling are not tolerated and will entail correlating consequences
  • Join or create a squad, don t play unassigned 
  • Locked one person squads are unwanted, beside logistic squad
  • No wasting of manpower
  • You must coordinate with other squadleaders when you are leading a squad.
  • Player names, Squad names, utterences in the in-game chat, or any of our other communication channels, relevant to the 3rd Reich, the Wehrmacht or connected names or groups are not tolerated. We follow a strict zero-tolerance policy on this topic.



Edited by Toneslin
Updated Server Rules

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