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[EU]Forgottenhonor Public Server

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Server name:  [EU]Forgottenhonor Public Server


Location : France

ServerHoster : So You can Start

Server Messages


Welcome to the Forgottenhonor Public Server
Please visit us at http://www.forgottenhonor.com
Join our Teamspeak : ts1.forgottenhonor.com
This is our Public Event. Please Listen to the Admin of the Server
If you have a score less then -8 points you will be kicked
Listen to the Admin's
Make sure you play in Squads.
If you make a teamkills , say you are sorry , otherwise you will risk a Kick!
Please watch our website for a upcomming Squad Campaign
Listen to your Admin's 
Make sure you play as a squad , make sure you use the comms correctly
Use B to talk to your SL and V for local voice!
You can also find us on : Twitch , Youtube , FaceBook and Twitter.


Owner : Stronkie
Contact email : [email protected]
Forum : http://www.forgottenhonor.com

Teamspeak : ts1.forgottenhonor.com



Edited by Stronkie

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