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Corpses in Camo looking for admins

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Corpses in Camo is looking for some admins-particularly from the west coast (US). Requirements are only that you are committed to providing a positive experience for anyone that enjoys the game. Im not the typical server manager that thinks its a privilege for you to be admin. I know that it is a privilege for me (us) and I respect your decisions on many accounts. I want to provide a no bullshit server and I need some help doing it. Im particularly looking for ppl between the hours of 12pm est and 4 am est. If I have given you admin privs then I defer your best judgement and would never 2nd guess you. Im also looking for that rare person that is playing the game early in the day 9am to 4pm est. You will have the ability to do whatever u want with the server (play nonstop Sumari for all I care). PM me if you would like to do this. Thanks-Kanipshun from Sigma Tac


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